2012 Annual Meeting

June 13, 2012

Kelso Red Lion
510 Kelso Drive
Kelso, WA

Markets, Management, and Science:
Hardwood's Increasing Relevance to the Washington Economy

Ivan Eastin, University of Washington CINTRAFOR
Current and Future Markets for Washington's Hardwoods

Glenn Ahrens, OSU Extension
Alder Supply, Growth & Yield, and RAP Organon Demo

Dick Miller, Miller Soils
Hardwood Conversion Riparian Studies

Alex Dobkowski, Weyerhaeuser
Alder Thinning

Rachael Jamison, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Biomass for Energy: the DNR Perspective

Rick Gustafson, University of Washington
System for Advanced Biofuels Production From Wood Biomass in the Pacific Northwest

Norman Lewis, Washington State University
Northwest Advanced Renewables

Barri Herman/Tom Kelly, Washington State University
Alder Clone Production

Rich Shuren, GreenWood Resources
Hardwood Tree Improvement

Jose Zerpa, GreenWood Resources
Hardwood Tree Improvement