2011 Annual Meeting

June 15-16, 2011

Veterans Memorial Museum
100 SW Veterans Way
Chehalis, WA

2011 Meeting Agenda

Speakers- June 15th

Brian Stanton
(please check back for this video) Keynote - Sustaining the Vital Hardwood Industry

Glenn Ahrens, OSU Extension
Ownership, Location and Supply Issues for the Hardwood Industry
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Steve Pedersen, Forest Resources
Value of a Hardwood Conversion Template to the Short Term Supply Issues
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Rick Dunning, WFFA
Significance of the Small Forest Landowner to Hardwood Supply
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Panel A
Moderator - Steve Witherspoon, Georgia-Pacific Corporation
DNR - Clay Sprague, DNR
Legislator - Ed Orcutt, Washington State House of Representatives
Tribes - Jim Peters, NWIFC
Conservation - Sam Gibboney, Cascade Land Conservancy
(please check back for this video) Panel A: Bridging the Gap Between the Hardwood Industry's Challenges and Opportunities - video

David Hibbs, OSU Hardwood Silviculture Coop
Unveiling the New Alder Growth & Yield Model - The Economics of Growing Alder
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Panel B
Moderator - Dick Miller, Miller Soils
Fish Biologist - Doug Martin, WFPA - PPT
CMER - Joe Murray, CMER/RSAG
Forest Ecologist - Richard Bigley, DNR - PPT
Forest Silviculture - Andrew Bluhm, OSU Hardwood Silviculture Coop
Panel B: Importance of Science in Sustaining the Hardwood Industry

Nancy Arend, Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods
Hardwood Promotion - "American Hardwoods/Hardwood Check-Off"
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Panel C
Moderator - Del Fisher, Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods
Lumber/Veneer/Plywood - Darrin Hastings, Emerson Hardwood
Pulp & Paper - Sean Chase, Weyerhaeuser Company
Logs - Tim Halme, HFI Consultants
Biomass/Biofuels - Carrie Atiyeh, ZeaChem
Long Term Market Opportunities

Norman Lewis, WSU
(please check back for this presentation)
Sustainable Washington Hardwood Resources and NARA (NW Advanced Renewables Alliance)-Linking Scientific and Economic Potential

Field Trip - June 16th

Field Trip: Alder Plantation Tour
Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm
Glenn Ahrens - PDF notes